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pci-dss compliance

What is PCI-DSS Compliance?

In our last post, we wrote about EMV-enabled card readers and why they are an important step for keeping your financial information secure. However, EMV card readers aren’t the only thing necessary for keeping your information safe. Read on to learn about PCI-DSS compliance and why it is an integral part of secure payment processing ...
what is emv

What is EMV and Why Does it Matter?

You’ve undoubtedly seen them every time you stop at your local convenience store, or a version of them when you’ve checked out at the grocery store. You may have even seen a version at a local restaurant, alleviating the need for you to hand your card over to your server who disappears with it for several minutes. Most merchants, large and small, now utilize some version of the EMV-enabled Point-of-Sale (POS) card reader. But what is EMV? And why does it matter?