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Osceola County Clerk’s Office – Osceola County, FL

Multiple Payment Options Improve Efficiency

The Osceola County Clerk’s Office recognized that their citizens were being affected by long wait times when attempting to pay criminal or traffic infraction fines, fees and costs. The clerk’s office realized that by adding online and phone payment options would improve efficiencies and reduce frustration their citizens were experiencing. They also knew that servicing their citizens is of the utmost importance and leaving the issue unaddressed would generate ill will and potentially lead to a loss of revenue.

Gwinnett County Recorder’s Court - Gwinnett County, GA

Integrated Software Doubles Court’s Online Revenue

While planning to implement a new case management system (CMS), the administrators of the Gwinnett County Recorder’s Court realized that they also needed a more efficient online payment processing system. The court processes more than 130,000 citations and $16 million in fees and fines each year. The court’s previous online payment system wasn’t integrated with its CMS, the staff had to manually re-enter citizen information into the old payment system. This chore equated to more than 40 hours of work each week.

City of Reno Municipal Court - Reno, NV

nCourt’s Payment Processing Solution Integrates Seamlessly with Court’s New CMS Solution

The City of Reno Municipal Court was already using nCourt’s payment processing system successfully, but it needed a new case management system (CMS). The new CMS would need to integrate with nCourt, allowing the City too automatically record all payments, ensure payment completion, and avoid potential delays or additional penalties.

Montgomery Municipal Court and Indian River County Circuit Court - Montgomery, AL and Vero Beach, FL

nCourt’s Seamless Integration with Leading CMS Systems Decreases Processing Time by 65%

Kenneth Nixon, court director for the City of Montgomery, Alabama, was looking for a new Case Management System (CMS) that would improve his court’s payment posting. “We’ve done credit card processing in the past, but we were waiting up to 24 hours to get payments and the customer service was slow,” said Nixon.