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What makes a good tax payment solution? The answer may differ from person to person. Tax professionals may require a more comprehensive solution that offers robust functionality and security on the back end. Citizens, on the other hand, may ask for a streamlined end-user process that takes the headache out of paying taxes. The challenge for payment providers is to create a solution that will most effectively serve both parties. With the help of a secure, data-backed online payment platform, courts can make tax payment and processing easier and safer than ever.

What is an online tax payment solution?

An effective tax payment solution will feature a cohesive platform of services for local and state tax offices. These services may include those for billing, collections, and reporting, in addition to convenient tools for citizens. Because these features are based online and take advantage of new technologies, they offer greater flexibility and scalability than locally hosted systems.

Online payment technology also enables courts to accept multiple methods of payment, including direct pay through a dedicated account or via debit or credit card. In many cases, payments can be made on mobile devices, meaning citizens can verify what they owe and pay their taxes and other fees from anywhere, at any time.

Of course, these expanded capabilities mean tax offices have more to consider than convenience alone. Online tax payment platforms — particularly when accessed from mobile devices — are susceptible to security breaches. This has become a priority for many payment providers in the wake of several high-profile attacks, and any good online tax payment platform will feature strong protective measures for financial data.

What is the role of data integration?

The most important attribute of any online tax payment solution — perhaps more so than the payment itself — is how the platform handles financial data. Some features tax professionals should look for include:

  • Seamless integration with backend software — This helps ensure taxes are processed efficiently and privately.
  • Ability to process data-backed payments — This is crucial today, since a considerable portion of finances are digital.
  • Securely hosted data on the agency’s website — A good solution provider will develop and maintain this website on behalf of agency staff.
  • Payment files posted back into the agency’s software — Data remains up-to-date and in the hands of those who need it most.
  • Payment files logged and accounted in a client admin portal — Files are easily accessible from a central digital space.
  • Data backup and disaster recovery capability This is critical to protect and/or restore data that may be compromised due to unforeseen circumstances such as ransomware or other cybersecurity attacks.

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What is Paylocalgov?

Paylocalgov is a component-driven platform that may be custom-tailored to local or state agencies for a range of tax payment needs. It offers access to real-time data reporting through its own dashboard, including time-saving analytics and filters for detailed account activity. Paylocalgov accepts multiple payment options, including digital and mobile payments, making tax payment a breeze for tech-savvy citizens. Most importantly, it features multiple layers of security at the highest level of PCI compliance, meaning citizens can rest easy knowing their data is safe.

A powerful online tax payment solution is about more than just the payment. Security, flexibility, and data integration all factor into making an effective payment platform. With Paylocalgov, local and state agencies can take advantage of the latest technology, and citizens — no matter where they are — can take comfort in knowing their payments will be filed easily, safely, and on time.

With features that can be customized to fit any agency’s needs, Paylocalgov makes it easier than ever for citizens to make tax payments and for governments to collect those payments. To learn more contact us at


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