Digital payments may be the norm for many businesses, but for many counties and municipalities across the United States, online payment systems are rare. For people who need to pay taxes or court fines, doing their civic duty may be a highly inconvenient and frustrating experience.

That frustration is exactly what nCourt wants to solve through easy payment processing solutions. It’s also why CIOReview recently highlighted nCourt as one of the top 20 most promising payment and card solution providers.

Our specialty is seamless integration

Most local government services have a variety of different legacy systems that make it difficult to integrate payment processing. nCourt’s team works to seamlessly integrate our system with current case management software (CMS) and back-office systems in our client’s current technology stack.

This provides citizens with streamlined alternatives to a visit to the courthouse to pay a ticket or renew their registration. nCourt manages web, mobile, counter, bilingual agent-assisted call centers, and retail locations. nCourt offers unprecedented convenience to citizens when it comes to civic duty.

We also help the courts and government agencies we serve by streamlining data from multiple workflows, departments, and jurisdictions. Automation and optimization through nCourt remove some of the work burden on court and local government employees while driving operational and cash flow efficiencies.

For example, a recent integration of nCourt’s platform saw one customer reduce on-site foot-traffic for payments by 95% while increasing annual revenue to $9 million — versus $4 million from the previous year. Alternative payment opportunities make it easier for citizens to pay fines and fees while reducing staff workload. It also allows court and government staff to focus on top priorities, rather than the extreme amount of manual labor required for billing and collections.

Our system also brings the power of data to our clients, with highly configurable, cloud-based reporting and reconciliation tools. The reporting module offers detailed transaction information which reduces the time spent on accounting and auditing. Users can easily pull key facts for easy export based on specific criteria.

With more than 50-plus integration partners for major CMS or ERP solutions, nCourt is thoroughly equipped to accommodate the unique payment requirements within the public sector. Most important to the company is the driving vision to empower government entities of all sizes to engage more efficiently and effectively with the public through integrated, secure and easy payment solutions. You can read more about nCourt’s feature at CIOReview. If you’d like to learn more about our platform and our services, get in touch here.