nCourt Testimonials

Your team has shown exceptional customer service – each time they make contact with our Court staff, nCourt has been both professional and courteous. And they go the extra mile to assist our customers with paying their citations. I appreciate the service that your company provides!”

Patty Thoma
Traffic/Central Cashier Manager – Bay County Circuit Court, FL

“We switched from a competitor to nCourt because nCourt makes the process so much easier. When a payment is made, the court is immediately notified by email and we can either accept the payment, reject it, or place it on hold to research if the payment actually belongs to our court. If we reject the payment, nCourt handles it. We also like that nCourt sends us a check each week and it is processed with the daily transactions. End of month bank reconciliation is a breeze!”

Paulette N. Revoir
Court Administrator – Lynnwood, WA

“nCourt’s staff is very responsive and helpful. We didn’t think people would use the system much but we were pleasantly surprised by how quickly they began paying with it. Even before we began promoting the system we saw tremendous results!”

Angharad Stock
Esquire Administrator – Pittsburgh, PA

“Our court clerks appreciate how quickly nCourt’s staff responds to our questions quickly and promptly. And our users LOVE the convenience of making their payments from home or work.”

Pam Allen
Court Clerk – Marietta, GA

“The cash bond system works great for us. It expedites the bonding process so effectively that 9 out of 10 people never see a jail cell. Book. Bond. Leave.”

Shannon Landry
Court Clerk – Jeanerette, LA

“I have to say that you guys do a great job. This process is so easy and time saving. I really appreciate the fact that I can call and get answers at a moment’s notice for questions that arise. I look forward doing the transfer of payments with Lowndes County. That way I don’t have to decline payments that could easily be sent over to the Sheriff’s Office. Thank you for being such a professional organization.”

Eugene Bell, Jr.
Commander, Bureau of Support Services – Valdosta, GA

We interviewed several vendors and nCourt stood out mainly because of their reconciliation reports. In our job it is critical to remain on top of everything at all times. So having timely access to an individual’s documentation allows us to avoid possibly suspending their license or issuing a warrant – which also saves us TIME and MONEY!”

Kristin Parsons
Court Clerk – Kenova, WV

“We started receiving lots of payments as soon as our website went live, which indicated that our citizens had been seeking a convenient payment service. We thought it was interesting that most of the initial payments were from overdue fines that prohibited people from renewing their driver’s licenses or registrations! Both our court clerks and our citizens are very glad we decided to use nCourt.”

Virginia Hester
Judicial Administrator – Shreveport, LA

“After we started using nCourt we monitored the service closely for three months and everything ran perfectly. In that time we collected more than $61,000 with no problems or complaints. Great service!”

LeRoy Kegley
Court Clerk – Portsmouth, OH

“Chamber of Commerce strives daily to improve the services and programs we offer to our investors. Partnering with nCourt to offer credit card payment options has added tremendous value to what we offer our customers and investors. Your system is hassle-free and the service and attention to detail is superb. There are no monthly fees and we are not penalized if no transactions are made – I would recommend nCourt to all of my Chamber colleagues.”

LaShaunda Holly
Executive Director, Chamber of Commerce – Jackson, AL